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Saturday, June 30, 2018
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Antibiotic Awareness Week in Canada: NOV 13-19, 2017

NCCID has participated in Antibiotic Awareness Week in Canada since 2010. Our Centre works to raise awareness about antimicrobial resistance (AMR), antimicrobial use (AMU) and antimicrobial-resistant organisms (ARO). Together with our partners, we promote the prudent use of antibiotics to fight the threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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Antibiotic Resistance : VIDEO

L’utilisation d’antibiotiques en médecine vétérinaire :VIDEO

The Role of Human Health and Animal Health in Antimicrobial Resistance

Glossary of Terms : Antimicrobial Resistance

A Provincial Antimicrobial Stewardship Program: Successes and Challenges inAlberta

AntibioticAwareness.ca focuses on the relationship between doctors and patients. We offer practical tools and information to practitioners (including our Mens Rusty Knuckles TShirt Black Small Manufacturer Size36/38 Joe Browns Wiki Cheap Online 2018 Sale Online 2018 New Cheap Price Outlet Purchase QX8sHKcviW
), as well as webinarspresenting the latest information on antimicrobial resistance.

We link to materials produced by other organizations, including the Public Health Agency of Canada, to promote antibiotics awareness and responsible use. Through ongoing knowledge translation initiatives, NCCID aims to facilitate appropriate stewardship and surveillance , and we will continue to provide information to people who are interested in learning about AROs.

For more information, or to offer feedback, please contact nccid@umanitoba.ca.

New for 2017, NCCID issues a national ‘Thunderclap’ —an on-line campaign that broadcasts one resounding antibiotic awareness message across multiple social media accounts all at the same time. It’s a wakeup call for Canadians to use antibiotics wisely, supported by healthcare organizations and patient safety proponents throughout Canada. Resources are shared to help professionals, patients, and members of the public to learn and do more to keep antibiotics working. Sign up today to help share a unified message this Antibiotic Awareness Week—it just takes Choice Online Best Authentic Womens Tom Wit Boy Short Marie Jo Cheap Sale Best Place New Arrival Sale Online Top Quality Cheap Price vPJaXkhc

The following materials offer practical ways to inform and interact with your patients.

Prescription pads

To be used with patients (adults and children) who have a suspected viral infection.Provides information about symptomatic relief for infections and indicates when patients should consider a return visit. (Click picture to enlarge.)

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The high toxicity of castor beans was recognized during the last century when the extract was found to agglutinate a suspension of erythrocytes of different animal species. Since then, lectins were studied and extracted from plants, including fungus and lichens, as well as in animals.

Lectins are glycoproteins of 60,000-100,000 MW that are known for their ability to agglutinate (clump) erythrocytes in vitro. There are over 400,000 estimated binding sites for kidney bean agglutinin on the surface of each erythrocytes. Lectins are found in most types of beans, including soybeans. Reduced growth, diarrhea, and interference with nutrient absorption are caused by this class of toxicants. Different lectins have different levels of toxicity, though not all lectins are toxic, though no all are toxins. The bright scarlet seeds of precatory bean Abrus precatorius contain the highly toxic glycoprotein, abrin. Less toxic lectins can be fatal if ingested in high amounts. Some of such lectins is concanavalin A from Concanavalia ensiformis (jack bean). Others may exhibit no hemagglutinating activity as in the case of ricin from castor bean and yet it is one of the most toxic substances.

The terms phytohemagglutinins, phytagglutinins, and lectins are used interchangeably. Lectins-containing plants have been found in many botanical groups including mono- and dicotyledons, molds and lichens, but most frequently they have been detected in Leguminoseae and Euphorbiaceae. They may exist in various tissues of the same plant and have different cellular localizations and molecular properties.

Lectins interaction with certain carbohydrate is very specific. This interaction is as specific as the enzyme-substrate, or antigen-antibody interactions. Lectins may bind with free sugar or with sugar residues of polysaccharides, glycoproteins, or glycolipids which can be free or bound (as in cell membranes). The term lectin refers to the specificity of the reaction (legere = to choose).

One of the major interest in this class of glycoproteins is the therapeutic use against HIV-1. Jacalin, a plant lectin, is found to completely block human immunodeficiency virus type 1 in vitro infection of lymphoid cells. This activity of the jacalin is attributed to its ability to specifically induce the proliferation of CD4+ T lymphocytes in human.

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[References] [Return to list of toxicants]

The ability to agglutinate human erythrocytes or representatives of human indigenous microflora was detected in 29 of 88 food items. Many foods contained substantial amounts of agglutinating activity, and lectins extracts could be diluted several folds and still produce agglutination. Great variation was observed in agglutination activity in the same food item purchased from different stores or from the same store on different days. Sometimes a food that possessed substantial activity on one day was found to have little or even no activity on other day.

Does your financial advisor help you to understand the investing options and financial decisions placed in front of you? Lorainne Ell says an advisor should be one who explains and educates.

Lorraine released a book to show the common investing financial planning pitfalls, and how to avoid them in “Bozos, Monsters, and Whiz-Bangs: Bad Advice From Financial Advisors and How To Avoid It”.

Lorraine Ell is CEO and Senior Financial Advisor at Better Money Decisions. She helps clients get through the six levels of the Investment Pyramid.

She recently authored a book, Bozos, Monsters, and Whiz-Bangs: Bad Advice From Financial Advisors and How To Avoid It – which you can find at Printed Racerback Top the moon by VIDA VIDA Top Quality Online N2GVYok

Company: Mens Ulrik Sleeveless Kniited Tank Top Solid Online Cheapest 7xkcC97
Book website: https://bozosmonsterswhizbangs.com

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Jake writes: If he is investing for the long term and focusing on dividends, should I invest into one REIT and continue to reinvest dividends until I retire?

This just one of the questions we tackle on today’s show.

We also hear from Janelle, who has had a mutual fund IRA for 10 years and has grown by $3,000. However, she is considering moving it to another brokerage account due to the $96 fees she is paying.

JD asks about incentive stock options. ISOs are on a 4-year monthly investing schedule and have passed the cliff date. This means I am able to exercise over a quarter of the outstanding shares. It’s possible I could be subject to AMT (alternative minimum tax).

Doug Goldstein | Miranda Marquit | Linda P. Jones | Joe Saul-Sehy |

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Student Loans have become the single most concerning financial issue with young people and the millennial generation. Whether you signed the dotted line with full knowledge of what happens when you take on student loans or you unknowingly signed your life away for a college degree, the debt must be satisfied in some way.

Robert Farrington of TheCollegeInvestor.com led the charge last month with the Student Loan Movement. He discusses the challenge and answers the following questions from Joe:

Robert Farrington went to college and found his peers were oblivious to personal finance and investing. He founded The College Investor to help educate people about the dangers of debt and the importance of investing at a young age.

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